Mystery Ceramic Boxes…

I found these on a treasure hunt and I have no idea what they are. I was drawn to the shape, the color and then when I realized they were actually boxes…I was SOLD! They appear to be unmarked although one has a felt bottom. They are both exquisite and colorful and pretty and funky retro in all the right ways! I love them, but they will be for sale once I can identify them so if you know that are or have an idea…do tell! I love to skip to the last chapter sometimes.


Cookie Jars

If you’re looking for cookie jars, check back here often as we get them on a regular basis. Prices and info are attached to each photo, simply hover your cursor over each thumbnail for more info and/or click on each photo for larger image. Please contact me ( with any questions and remember, we ship worldwide!

Before the store

Before I opened my little store I did¬†administrative work, in what sometimes felt like a mere closet with no windows, but it was only 3 days a week and I loved the people I worked with and for. So in my off time I had lots of freedom to go out and hunt for goodies. I hosted a consignment space here and there for a short time and when all the driving and booth maintenance caught up to me I decided to quit paying for someone else’s rent and sell online. I had been an eBay seller/buyer for many many years and when I finally discovered Etsy well lets just say I was super ecstatic. Lower fees, a virtual store setup and soooo very easy!

I bought stuff that I thought I could make a good profit on and only if it was small enough to ship. But all of that small stuff really added up! After living in a dinky little apartment for several years and storing all of those boxes of treasure I was fortunate enough to come across a rental with a huge sea train (metal storage container) in the backyard that I could hoard all of my treasures in! Even with the utmost care in storing, and organizing everything it wasn’t long before I realized that perhaps the “booty” was getting too big!

I lowered prices, I cleaned, I photographed and I posted relentlessly…but try as I might, people just didn’t want to drive out to my neck of the woods to scoop up a bargain. Like no one has been on a dirt road before…sheesh. LOL. So if I was ever going to sell anything in person, it would have to be in a rented booth somewhere or in my own store. Thus the pining and planning and plotting began to take hold and it was my only focus for days, months and years. . .but THIS is what my meager start looked like in the “Sale Shed” when all I had were a few folding tables to house everything…I’ve come a long way in only a short time =)