Welcome my friends…

I am all about following your dreams and sweet romantical stuff like that, so I dreamed of living closer to family and shopping all the amazing treasures in the Midwest…and guess what?!? I did it! Aloma’s Antiques has officially moved to Missouri and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I will be available for estate sales, buy outs, house calls….you name it! 

No job is too small or too big, and believe me we’ve had some doozies…want to sell a small collection or an entire property full of stuff? We can handle it all. There’s nothing too clean or too dirty that we can’t transform into a treasure trove for all to shop.

It’s true AAES has morphed over the years from my passion, enthusiasm and my slight obsession with old stuff. I buy and sell all types of antique, vintage and unique items. I sell & ship items worldwide on Etsy and eBay. Truthfully, I’ve been buying selling & collecting for nearly all my life, I was dumpster diving in the 70’s before it was even a “thing”…I still remember the very 1st treasure I brought home from an alley trashcan. HAHA. I do love finding treasure!!! 

Thanks again for stopping by and be sure to bookmark this page…it’s where you will find all of my latest tales as well as my current Etsy & eBay listings! 

Aloma DeVaux
Aloma’s Antiques & Estate Services


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  1. Toffy says:

    Aloma, I had the pleasure to meet you and your Honey today. You have a wonderful Store and great STUFF….Glad the Mirrored Display was what you needed, and so glad I could help with the delivery. Your Lucky Week….:) 🙂 …Roni

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