Day 10 – It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin

2015-04-16 11.00.28I have been feeling so much better on the inside but the outside needed a little buffing out too. I have tried to be really diligent about using all natural or organic products on my body. Your skin is your biggest organ…what you put ON it you put IN it.

I have been using Younique naturally based skincare and makeup line for quite some time now and it’s amazing! I am also using only natural and mostly organic bath soap, hair soap, hand soap, body butter, face scrub, laundry soap, deodorant and makeup. There’s a long list of things I still need to change but those will have to come gradually.

One of my biggest challenges however is my hair…I have so much gray that I need to touch up my roots every couple of weeks. I haven’t been to the salon in quite some time so I had nearly 3 inches of regrowth, ie LOTS of gray. Yuck.

While I was out looking for some other skincare and bath products I found a product that I could use to color my hair “naturally”. This Naturtint was at the local health food store and it was on sale (bonus) for $10. I applied it as directed, sat for 30mins and viola! Love the color, love the feel and I can see my hair actually looks healthy again. Win win!