Day 21 – Its Not The End


3wks of NO SOLID FOOD!

OMG, I made it! Wooootwooot! I am so excited that I stuck to this. I am so excited that I can fit in my size 2’s again! I am just feeling motivated, energetic, clear and happy. I’ve been pretty zen since I came to terms with a few things during this process. Not to be confused with numb, just accepting and “over” it. Giving up whatever does not serve me well; feelings, food and circumstances. I feel lighter. literally. I was hoping to lose a few more lbs but as I continue my detox into the next 8days as I transition to solid food again I’m certain a few more will get plucked off. I can’t just jump right back on the free feed band wagon…I’m certain it would turn into a scarf and barf and who wants that?!? yuck. So for the next week I will slowly introduce my body to a variety of healthy raw foods, and then meat. So excited, it will be like Christmas everyday! I bet a salad will never have tasted sooooo good!


So here are the before and afters and all the deets…btw, I personally feel I have a few more weeks to go before I see the results I really want, but that will come with exercise and more good nutrition! I lost 15lbs total! I lost 2″ off my hips and 2″ waist and 2″ off my thighs!

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Day 18 – Countdown

th (11)So it’s day 18 … know what that means?!? Only 3 days left on my detox…well 3 1/2 if you count the rest of today. Monday night will officially be the end of the main portion of my detox. Howeevvveeerrrr….that’s when the REAL work begins. I will still have to maintain the nutrient packs, juicing and soups while I reintroduce solid foods to my body. I don’t want to get sick or worse, sick AND gain back all my weight!

I sat down last night and planned out my entire meal structure for the first 9 days post detox. I can hardly wait. I bet a celery stick will never have tasted so good…haha. I’m especially excited about “white meat” day. Chicken! woohoo!!!

I will still provide updates on my progress after this is all said and done…and hopefully it will actually be something useful other than my TMI poop updates and pity parties! Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

Week 2 – Weigh In

Scale-losing-WeightOmg…so excited about my progress and how great I feel everyday. Love that everything is fitting better and that I have a little more getalong in my get going! And….I can’t wait to see what happens when I step on the scale next week!

WEEK 1:                                      WEEK 2:

Weight: 145lbs                               133lbs

Waist: 35″                                        33″

Hips: 40″                                          38″

Thighs: 23″                                      22″

Next Monday is the last official day of the detox but I will have a short transition period and beyond that I intend to continue some of my new habits. I’m stupid excited for the next step of getting back into shape and feeling healthier.

Day 4 – Progress

why-detox-blog-imageWait, what day is it?!? Oh yah, it’s Friday…just not my Friday. Haha. I woke up this morning feeling pretty well rested. I opted out of the aloe pills again last night so no surprises this morning! I did get up with a sore throat, nothing major though. I also noticed a stiff spot in my back that has since radiated up to my left shoulder and neck area. Boo. I called in my good friend Michelle for a nice chair massage this afternoon! I can hardly wait. I have been jumping on my trampoline every afternoon for a few minutes at a time to help release the goo from my lymph nodes, don’t know if its helping but it can’t hurt. It was suggested in “the book” so I’ve been doing it. I also gave myself another really good loofah scrub down last night before bed…gotta flake off all that dead skin and allow the toxic buildup to escape! I was a little itchy this morning but it didn’t last very long.

I started my day with the usual warm water and lemon and cup of hot tea. Made my juice for the day – the Liver Cleanser – yummo. Beets, cucumbers and lemon. Today I also decided to reward myself with a protein berry smoothie. So glad I did this because I felt I might be needing a little extra sustenance today. I also passed on the probiotic supplement that I added to my morning regimen simply because I realized there were plenty of these AND enzymes in the berry powder and the protein I took in today. I didn’t know they were already in there. That’s one less thing I have to worry about.

I have felt a little yucky off and on all morning but nothing that has me down. I just know the crap is trying to leave my body and I might need to drink more water in between my juices and nutrient packs. I weighed in at 137 this morning, another lb gone! It’s still hard to see ahead and imagine that I could lose more. Just doing what I’m doing has been pretty satisfying and not too difficult in the grand scheme of things. Let’s hope the meltdowns everyone else has told me about aren’t too bad for me…those should be coming any day now. Or maybe not at all! Wouldn’t that be great. I’ll keep ya posted!

If you or someone you know is seriously interested in doing this detox program with me and others, it’s not too late to get started. Just contact Shanti at California Homemades and ask her about joining. You can do 1 week, 2 weeks or the full 21 days!