Majolica mystery

I love pottery. I love majolica pottery the most.  But I truly don’t know enough about it (or any pottery) to feel like a competent appraiser of it. I just know I like it and if its got “that look” then it shall be mine. Especially for the right price.

I have accidently stumbled on some fine Bauer pieces and Roseville bowls and even a gorgeous Weller vase, but I couldn’t honestly put a value on them at this point because they’re in my home…in my case…mine all mine!


Majolica Relief Urn Vase

This is the latest orphan baby I brought home just this week. I found her sitting on a thrift store shelf with mismatched mugs and a cheap Lladro knockoff. Its not marked, I see very faint seams on two sides and it probably isn’t anything extraordinary value wise…but she sure is pretty and I’ll have loads of fun trying to figure out what she is.

If you know, please do tell…I don’t mind if you spoil the surprise now and then.