Since I am a treasure hunting fiend, it only makes sense that I would beg to stop at every hole in the wall junk store that we passed by from California to the east coast. And after day 5 of flying by Goodwills, antique stores and roadside flea markets I finally got my chance.

As you can imagine, driving an 80 ft semi and trailer is no easy peasy pull in and park job. But we were leaving our last delivery and what to my wondering eyes should appear?!? A Goodwill. A little teeny place in a podunk town in Virginia. I was so excited to finally get my shop on. So Danny crammed that big ass rig in their tiny little lot as best he could and we ran in on a 5 minute timer! However, as I quickly discovered, not many treasures lurk here like in the big city. All of those awesome finds would be at the antique stores. With very large price tags attached.

Thrifting here is slightly different than thrifting at home. I have managed to scrounge up a few cool items between the antique & thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales and consignment shops. Problem now is letting them go. I want to keep em all! This is my 1st haul of treasures, some are available for sale now in my Etsy store –>

Day 6 – Spring Cleaning

9781476727448_500X500I feel good. I mean like clean, less heavy, my spirit even feels a little lighter. Although I realize my body and mind are not completely “healed” in the matter of 5 or 6 days, but I can honestly say that I feel SO much better than I did a week ago. A lot of people andĀ friends that I’ve talked to about this detox program have exclaimed I’m crazy for doing this to myself for 21 days! I’m not doing anything that is that crazy other than giving up ALLLL of my favorite foods and caffeine.

This is not a starvation diet or “just juice” cleanse. I don’t sip lemon water all day. I consume lots of nutrients, antioxidants and fresh vegetables with some fruits and protein as needed. This detox nourishes your body on a cellular level. Instead of eating on a emotional or habitual timetable you feed your body all day.

You should take a look at the book this program is based on –> “1 Pound A Day“. I have learned a LOT about why I feel like crap all the time, emotionally and physically. Simple things that you do or don’t do to, with and for your body can have such catastrophic consequences, its alarming.

I figured if I need a vacation emotionally, maybe my body needs a vacation physiologically. I have been dealt a lot of stress over time and I’ve not taken the best care of this vessel for the last couple years…this is my time to do what I feel will really help me. And if weight loss is one of the biggest side effects, I’ll take it!