Since I am a treasure hunting fiend, it only makes sense that I would beg to stop at every hole in the wall junk store that we passed by from California to the east coast. And after day 5 of flying by Goodwills, antique stores and roadside flea markets I finally got my chance.

As you can imagine, driving an 80 ft semi and trailer is no easy peasy pull in and park job. But we were leaving our last delivery and what to my wondering eyes should appear?!? A Goodwill. A little teeny place in a podunk town in Virginia. I was so excited to finally get my shop on. So Danny crammed that big ass rig in their tiny little lot as best he could and we ran in on a 5 minute timer! However, as I quickly discovered, not many treasures lurk here like in the big city. All of those awesome finds would be at the antique stores. With very large price tags attached.

Thrifting here is slightly different than thrifting at home. I have managed to scrounge up a few cool items between the antique & thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales and consignment shops. Problem now is letting them go. I want to keep em all! This is my 1st haul of treasures, some are available for sale now in my Etsy store –>

Trucker Trail – New Roads

So as most of my friends and family know by now, I closed my antique store and hit the road with my honey. We decided a couple months back that we needed to make some changes. We decided to take his trucking business coast to coast transporting goods. What does that mean? Well it means that we’ll be away from home, a LOT. We have 2 small dogs with us in a very confined space, we sleep in bunk beds, we eat on the run, we pee in containers, and we don’t shower everyday. And it also means that we’ll be seeing a LOT of the countryside….and (most likely) a lot of that will be from the passenger seat. But since we decided to make this change, life has been very different…in ways I can’t really describe, both enlightening, beautiful and even a little frustrating.

Our dogs have adjusted fairly well even though the first couple of days were terribly unnerving for both them and us. And we have adjusted pretty well too, except for the fact that our truck has been in the shop now for 13 days and we won’t see it till tomorrow – hopefully. So two weeks off and no work = no money. That’s poopy. But on the upside, we’ve already had some great adventures touring different places throughout Maryland and DC. Lucky for us we have a good friend that lives on this side of the world and we were able to stay with him and not need a hotel for the entire time. We’ve seen wonderful monuments, historical sites, antiques, and beautiful country. I wouldn’t want to be any other place right now. Until the next awesome place comes into view . . .


Day 21 – Its Not The End

3wks of NO SOLID FOOD!

OMG, I made it! Wooootwooot! I am so excited that I stuck to this. I am so excited that I can fit in my size 2’s again! I am just feeling motivated, energetic, clear and happy. I’ve been pretty zen since I came to terms with a few things during this process. Not to be confused with numb, just accepting and “over” it. Giving up whatever does not serve me well; feelings, food and circumstances. I feel lighter. literally. I was hoping to lose a few more lbs but as I continue my detox into the next 8days as I transition to solid food again I’m certain a few more will get plucked off. I can’t just jump right back on the free feed band wagon…I’m certain it would turn into a scarf and barf and who wants that?!? yuck. So for the next week I will slowly introduce my body to a variety of healthy raw foods, and then meat. So excited, it will be like Christmas everyday! I bet a salad will never have tasted sooooo good!


So here are the before and afters and all the deets…btw, I personally feel I have a few more weeks to go before I see the results I really want, but that will come with exercise and more good nutrition! I lost 15lbs total! I lost 2″ off my hips and 2″ waist and 2″ off my thighs!

20150428_120722 2015-04-28 11.56.48

Day 19/20 – Believe You Can

inspirational-sports-quotes-for-girls-hd-o-inspirational-quote-facebookjpg-wallpaperI had quite an uneventful weekend. I worked. I detoxed. I counted the minutes to the last day knowing that it would creeeeeep on. And it did. I sat around being lazy enjoying the stormy weather and just took it all in. I know there was so much more I could have done in my free time but since I’ve been on this diet it seems all I can focus on is eating, drinking, sleeping and blogging. I still can’t believe I ever committed to this challenge but I’m sure glad I did. I’ve been able to proudly tell people where I’m at physically, emotionally and spiritually. All of which I have a heightened sense of perspective now.

You can do this too by the way, if you believe it, if you want it…you can do whatever you want!

Day 18 – Countdown

th (11)So it’s day 18 … know what that means?!? Only 3 days left on my detox…well 3 1/2 if you count the rest of today. Monday night will officially be the end of the main portion of my detox. Howeevvveeerrrr….that’s when the REAL work begins. I will still have to maintain the nutrient packs, juicing and soups while I reintroduce solid foods to my body. I don’t want to get sick or worse, sick AND gain back all my weight!

I sat down last night and planned out my entire meal structure for the first 9 days post detox. I can hardly wait. I bet a celery stick will never have tasted so good…haha. I’m especially excited about “white meat” day. Chicken! woohoo!!!

I will still provide updates on my progress after this is all said and done…and hopefully it will actually be something useful other than my TMI poop updates and pity parties! Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

Day 17 – Everyday

2015-04-23 08.38.06So this is pretty much my everyday routine and daily intake … enough to feed the body on a completely cellular level.

I start with warm water and fresh squeezed lemon, then a hot cup of herbal tea. If I have a protein smoothie I add my first berry pack of the day to that, otherwise I drink a bottle of water w/berry pack. 2 hrs later I drink a bottle of water w/green pack in it. At lunch time I have a fresh live juice (today I made a green bean juice delight). 2 hrs later I drink another berry pack followed 2hrs after that with another green pack…and then in the evening I have soup! Hot delish vegan gluten free pureed soup that was premade just for this program!

*If you want to know how to get on this detox diet, contact Shanti at California Homemades.


Day 16 – Open Wide

front office
Restoration Colonics

So yesterday I enjoyed another Wednesday off of work. I normally work on this day even though my store is actually closed. But I’ve felt like I really needed time to myself to just unwind. I had a couple things planned in the garden and around the house but those things never happened, except I did start some seeds in the house. Can’t wait to get the garden planted and raging this year. Now that I’m juicing, more than ever, I want fresh homegrown greenies!

The other thing I needed to do was take a drive down the hill to visit Sprouts grocery store, replenish my powder packs and get some more juicing ingredients a n d I had an appointment for my 1st colonic. Like ever. Sounded like something I would really benefit from during my detox and quite frankly the thought of having several pounds of poo stuck in my body was more frightening than the thought of having a stranger probe my behind.

Chi Machine

I went to a place called Restoration Colonics of Escondido. Someone referred me to this particular ladies office and I showed up, not really knowing exactly what to expect but having visions of very descript things. lol. A very cute cheerful gal named Tatyana came out and greeted me. She had me lay on a bed with a chi machine at my feet and left me for a few minutes. *The Chi Machine enables the human body to gently move from side to side in a figure of eight (the same way a goldfish swims), maximizing the body’s natural absorption of oxygen, using all the movement orbits of the human anatomy. (I’ll post more on this later…its an excellent tool for moving lymph and aiding in bowel movements.)

Where the magic happens

Once that was done I changed into a short hospital top and velcro shorts that I put on backwards. Then I waited in the “the room” admiring all the chakra healing lights, aroma therapy and calming sounds. Everything was set up in such a wonderful non medicinal way. I didn’t feel like I was in a doctors office or a hospital…it was pleasant and soothing. Then the fun began. I climbed up on the table and she assisted me while placing the probe doomahicky in the right spot (like who could mistake that place???) Then as she begins to explain the sensations, the process etc she starts turning knobs and adjusting water levels and massaging my belly. Right away she told me how much resistance there was in my abdomen and after about 15 mins of “filling me up” and “emptying my bowels” she tells me nothing is coming out. Um what? Apparently I was very impacted. even though I didn’t feel like I have suffered from any kind of constipation.


So I needed to get another “fillup” and then take my sorry butt to the bathroom and try to push out the obstruction. I start making scowly faces because isn’t that her job? To get it out?!?!?!? After 2-3 times of disconnecting that damn probey thing and reinserting it…she finally feels like we got enough blockage to proceed. Thank God. Then the real work begins, she pushed probed and massaged until wave after wave finally released. She informed me very casually that a person can eliminate 3-9 bowel movements during a colonic. wOw thats a lot of doody. I watched the “PooTV”  to see everything being eliminated. It just floated on thru the clear tube. Very strange indeed. Thank goodness there was nothing stranger than beet juice and old fecal matter, cause I’ve heard of people seeing worms passing thru during their colonic. I probably would have passed out! an hour and a half later we were finally done.

If you’ve never had this procedure done, I can say this for sure – it is different for everyone. I must say it was unlike anything I have ever endured before. It was not painful, yet it was uncomfortable at times. It was not embarrassing at all and very clean. There was no smell or funky stuff going on. Tatyana was super nice, very informative and pleasant to talk to. I did suffer thru some post colonic diarrhea for pretty much the rest of the day/evening and I was tired, sore and ready to get some sleep. I think I had some air trapped in my gut because I never really got comfortable until much later when I was laying in bed.

If you live in San Diego area and are considering colonic hydrotherapy, Restoration Colonics is def a great place to do it. Tell Tatyana that you heard about it here. Oh by the way, I weighed myself at the office right before and right after —> I lost 2LBS during the process!  BONUS!



Day 15 – You’re Invited…

th (7)Yesterday was yet another uneventful day…I felt great, my skin is aglow and yet I’m still having cravings. I still can’t wait to actually eat some “real” food. I had such a wonderful day connecting with people and then today…crash and burn. I’m in a dark place. I feel anxious and wishing I could have something to munch on. My body is trying to trick me…I know its a ploy. I’m hoping that I can scoot out of work for a few minutes and get a Kombucha, at least that will make me feel like I have a treat but not a cheat.

I only have 6 days left and I’m not going to cave. I had some weird dark and twisty dream last night that set my mood for this morning and no matter how hard I tried to come out of it, it’s hovering…and the hits just keep on coming. Couple other things sent me over the edge all in a matter of an hour. Nothing catastrophic just annoying and out of my control. I know I can’t let it ruin my day. I will snap out of it, but for now I’ma have me a pity party. Then I’ll come to and feel super fab again…just wait and see.


Week 2 – Weigh In

Scale-losing-WeightOmg…so excited about my progress and how great I feel everyday. Love that everything is fitting better and that I have a little more getalong in my get going! And….I can’t wait to see what happens when I step on the scale next week!

WEEK 1:                                      WEEK 2:

Weight: 145lbs                               133lbs

Waist: 35″                                        33″

Hips: 40″                                          38″

Thighs: 23″                                      22″

Next Monday is the last official day of the detox but I will have a short transition period and beyond that I intend to continue some of my new habits. I’m stupid excited for the next step of getting back into shape and feeling healthier.

Day 12/13 – Weekend Woes

th (4)While everyone else is posting TGIF’s and hurray for the weekend posts, getting dolled up for weddings and bbq’s…I’m sitting here. Alone. Working. On a detox diet. With nothing other than juice, soup and water in sight for another week or more…

The weather in So. Cal has been beautiful, sunny and mildy warm all week and the weekend was darn near perfect to be outside doing something. Anything. Working in the yard. Or the garden. Or just relaxing on the porch with a margarita and some bbq ribs and corn on the bob…but nooooooooo, I decided that I should just stop eating solid food for 3wks and beyond. All for the sake of being healthy and thin…I’m beginning to think all that is overrated. Lol.

It’s been torture all week, driving up and down Main Street, taking in the smells of the local BBQ joint. Driving thru quiet neighborhoods and picking up that familiar grill, wood, meat smell has made me straight up looney. If I were to sit next to someones bbq grill right now I bet it would make me high because among other things, I’m fairly certain this detox has heightened my sense of smell. If I can just get thru one more week…I will then only have one more week to get thru the food transition and then and only then can I partake in big fat bbq something!