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Greetings fellow treasure hunters! Since this page is all about me, figured I’d take a moment to share some pertinent info! LOL. I’m Aloma, the owner, curator and official treasure hunting queen of Aloma’s Antiques. I absolutely love to find cool stuffff and to research things that are new to me. I have been finding and collecting things since I was a young girl. In fact I remember pulling junk out of the trash back in the 70’s before it was even a thing to “pick” or dumpster dive.

My favorite items to buy (or hoard depending on who you ask) are colored glass, porcelain, and pottery! The pic above is from my personal curio at home. Vaseline or uranium is my ultimate favorite…it glows under a blacklight! Although I am no expert by any means, I have garnered a lot of knowledge about a little bit of this and a little bit of that over the years.

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