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Who we are and who I am:

Well, currently I am the “new kid in town”. I just moved to Missouri from California this past July 2019. I did estate sales in San Diego full time for the past 3-4 years and have an extensive background in buying and selling antiques collectibles and more. Prior to doing estate sales, I owned my own antique store for several years and I’ve been a consignor at various antique malls for a VERY long time. As I’ve become established here in the Hatton area I have already put together a fantastic crew of knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly people that work with me.

I am the owner, curator and official treasure hunting queen of Aloma’s Antiques and the Aloma of Aloma’s Antiques & Estate Sale Services. I am VERY excited about having our services available here. Although there are other reputable companies in the area, we have found that a good deal of them will not leave the Columbia area and we will. In fact we can travel up to an hour away depending on the needs of the client! This alone sets us apart from the others. However, we also pride ourselves on a job well done, we are VERY organized and clean and we offer fair prices to the customers and really fair commissions to our clients = more money for YOU!

Personally, I have been finding and collecting things since I was a young girl. I remember pulling junk out of the trash back in the 70’s before it was even a thing to “pick” or dumpster dive. Although I am no expert by any means on any one thing, I have garnered a lot of knowledge about a little bit of this and a little bit of that over the years.

I truly love what I do for all of my clients and customers and appreciate the opportunity to help you with all your estate sale needs.

Have a blessed day!

Aloma ~¬†Aloma’s Antiques & Estate Sale Services

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