Day 19/20 – Believe You Can

inspirational-sports-quotes-for-girls-hd-o-inspirational-quote-facebookjpg-wallpaperI had quite an uneventful weekend. I worked. I detoxed. I counted the minutes to the last day knowing that it would creeeeeep on. And it did. I sat around being lazy enjoying the stormy weather and just took it all in. I know there was so much more I could have done in my free time but since I’ve been on this diet it seems all I can focus on is eating, drinking, sleeping and blogging. I still can’t believe I ever committed to this challenge but I’m sure glad I did. I’ve been able to proudly tell people where I’m at physically, emotionally and spiritually. All of which I have a heightened sense of perspective now.

You can do this too by the way, if you believe it, if you want it…you can do whatever you want!

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