Day 17 – Everyday

2015-04-23 08.38.06So this is pretty much my everyday routine and daily intake … enough to feed the body on a completely cellular level.

I start with warm water and fresh squeezed lemon, then a hot cup of herbal tea. If I have a protein smoothie I add my first berry pack of the day to that, otherwise I drink a bottle of water w/berry pack. 2 hrs later I drink a bottle of water w/green pack in it. At lunch time I have a fresh live juice (today I made a green bean juice delight). 2 hrs later I drink another berry pack followed 2hrs after that with another green pack…and then in the evening I have soup! Hot delish vegan gluten free pureed soup that was premade just for this program!

*If you want to know how to get on this detox diet, contact Shanti at California Homemades.


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