Day 15 – You’re Invited…

th (7)Yesterday was yet another uneventful day…I felt great, my skin is aglow and yet I’m still having cravings. I still can’t wait to actually eat some “real” food. I had such a wonderful day connecting with people and then today…crash and burn. I’m in a dark place. I feel anxious and wishing I could have something to munch on. My body is trying to trick me…I know its a ploy. I’m hoping that I can scoot out of work for a few minutes and get a Kombucha, at least that will make me feel like I have a treat but not a cheat.

I only have 6 days left and I’m not going to cave. I had some weird dark and twisty dream last night that set my mood for this morning and no matter how hard I tried to come out of it, it’s hovering…and the hits just keep on coming. Couple other things sent me over the edge all in a matter of an hour. Nothing catastrophic just annoying and out of my control. I know I can’t let it ruin my day. I will snap out of it, but for now I’ma have me a pity party. Then I’ll come to and feel super fab again…just wait and see.


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