Day 12/13 – Weekend Woes

th (4)While everyone else is posting TGIF’s and hurray for the weekend posts, getting dolled up for weddings and bbq’s…I’m sitting here. Alone. Working. On a detox diet. With nothing other than juice, soup and water in sight for another week or more…

The weather in So. Cal has been beautiful, sunny and mildy warm all week and the weekend was darn near perfect to be outside doing something. Anything. Working in the yard. Or the garden. Or just relaxing on the porch with a margarita and some bbq ribs and corn on the bob…but nooooooooo, I decided that I should just stop eating solid food for 3wks and beyond. All for the sake of being healthy and thin…I’m beginning to think all that is overrated. Lol.

It’s been torture all week, driving up and down Main Street, taking in the smells of the local BBQ joint. Driving thru quiet neighborhoods and picking up that familiar grill, wood, meat smell has made me straight up looney. If I were to sit next to someones bbq grill right now I bet it would make me high because among other things, I’m fairly certain this detox has heightened my sense of smell. If I can just get thru one more week…I will then only have one more week to get thru the food transition and then and only then can I partake in big fat bbq something!

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