Day 11 – Keep Calm

keep-calm-cause-i-m-detoxingI got nothing for you today. Nothing clever, funny or artsy fartsy. I’m so busy at my shop that I haven’t had much time to plot out my next blog post. I guess that’s a great problem to have eh? I’m also a little hungry cause I skipped my protein smoothie this morning…but I have extra tea. Yay me. Seriously though, the hunger pangs are few and far between.

The crisis healing did not hit me the same way it has hit other people. Of course I still have 10 days to go so anything is possible…and we know how much I love to jinx myself! I have def had some serious retrospect but not an all out meltdown. breakdown or temper tantrum of any kind. Lucky you. I have been feeling very zen, calm and relaxed.

I’m now 10lbs down and counting…I feel great and I’m still looking forward to having some food to chew on again but plan to extend the detox supplements into my normal daily routine for upkeep. I also ordered some fun kitchen tools to make food more healthy and interesting! Can’t wait…

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