Day 7 – Hangry

2014 custom pillows - hangry pillow word pillow definition pillow-f33703Oh my gawd…I am so glad yesterday is done. One of the hungriest days I’ve had since I started this journey. It was even worse than my fried chicken episode a few days ago! I was so ravenous all day, so I drank lots and lots and lots of water. Drank all of my green packs, my berry packs, my fresh green juice and the rest of my kombucha from the day before…I doubled my water intake. I just couldn’t get enough to satisfy the hunger. And I made a rookie move, I didn’t bring any extra green packs or berry packs with me.

The other half invited me to meet up with him after work so I stopped at our friends house on the way home. I knew beforehand this might be a little tough because they often have yummy food out for everyone when we visit…but when I walked in and smelled the crockpot simmering with bbq pulled pork, I almost passed out. If that wasn’t enough, there was also fresh baked fish straight out of the oven, steaming up the place with delightful seasonings. There were several kinds of chips and bruschetta bread on the counter…ugh. I love bread, I love chips. I love it all. I just drank more water to try and squelch the hunger pangs, but nothing helped. I decided to leave when I felt like crying. Was I really gonna cry because I was a little hungry or was I gonna cry because I wanted to not be hungry? Because perhaps when I was younger we went without a LOT of things and food was often one of those things. Maybe just too much perspective. Maybe just too damn hungry…

So I went home and heated up my soup. I tried to take it in slowly and savor it, but my stomach howled and growled and grumbled for more. And because of all the water I drank earlier I hit a wall and couldn’t consume anything else for awhile…even tho my belly was telling me to feed it. It took me almost two hours to get thru all of my soup, and I was still hungry. When it was all said and done, it was too late to drink anything else to kill the hunger. I didn’t want to be up all night pee’ing so I toughed it out…then, the hum dinger ringer on the whole night…bae made a grilled cheese sammich. I heard every little crunch crackle and delish cheeezy bite he took…I felt like an angry spider monkey, ready to pounce on his food. I was so friggin hangry I wanted to squeal, in fact I think I did. And then I decided to just throw in the towel and go to bed.

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