Art Deco Oak Stand

So when I first opened my store I would hit the swap meet every Wed afternoon (my only day off) and shop till I dropped. On one of those awesome treasure hunts I came across a very unique and intriguing piece of furniture. I spied it from the aisle and immediately darted over to see what it was. I couldn’t see what kind of wood it was from afar, the finish was dark and gummed up…but the shape, well her shape was lovely. As soon as I got close to her I saw the grain, faintly under the dark grime…tiger stripes…this baby was very old quarter sawn tiger oak. The shape was even more of an enigma though, I had (have) never seen anything like it in all the time I’ve been refinishing, researching or selling oak. I’ve looked near and far and still have yet to find another like it!

After what felt like an eternity (just a couple of days) I got her stripped down to the bare wood, sanded smooth and ready for a new finish and a new life. I found a couple of spots that leached the stain and panicked. Luckily these areas where few and far between so I didn’t have to re-sand and re-stain…whewey! I took a steel bristled brush to the handles and the bf cleaned the metal handle clasps for me and once I put her back together I couldn’t believe how much she sparkled. It still pains me to think someone else may have taken her home and *gasp* painted her!

All I know about this amazing one of a kind piece is that she is a one of a kind KEEPER…I may very well never see another one like it, although I’m praying the oak Gods deliver me with a miracle twin sister cause TWO is always better than ONE! I wish I knew its history, but I know its future! A complete makeover and a forever loving home with meeee. I love the¬†interesting lines that flow up to the original mirror.¬†She will be living with me now and I am very delighted at how she’s turned out!

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