Shiny Squirrel Nuts

One thing about being a thrifter – picker is that there are many of us. In fact nearly every trip I make to the local thrift store I’m bound to spot one or two of “us”. Even if I peg someone as just a “regular” shopper I look at the contents of their cart to see what they’re buying, it’s interesting to see the kinds of things other people are drawn to. Of course I am always praying it aint the same thing I’m looking for! I’ve literally speed shopped many times to try and gather all the cool nuts before the other squirrel can get to them! But inevitably, you can’t get to all the shiny sparkly things before the other squirrel does.

I was in the local thrift store one time and I glanced into the basket of another squirrel and I seeeeen it. It was green, sparkly, vaseline glass – if you don’t already know…my favorite preciouseses are vaseline glass and immediately I as green as the glass with squirrel envy. I followed it around the store, casually of course, I didn’t want to raise any stalker alerts and I certainly didn’t want her to know I was pining for her treasure…then there would be no chance at all she might put it back. Usually the mojo I put out there – it should be mine it should mine it should be mine, works. I’ve scored several sparkly things this way, really I have! But that little green piece never made it into my grasp. I was so super sad. I mean seriously, this was months ago and I’m still sorry I didn’t get that nut before she did. It literally took everything I had not to reach right into her basket and take it as my own! Of course that would be horrible etiquette, and definitely no way to make friends! That is until recently, when I spied something that I really coveted and I couldn’t stop myself…

2015-03-07 07.07.36I had run into my friend Katie who has fabulous sparkly and fun stuff throughout her house. I walked up to say hi and before I could stop my inner squirrel, I reached right into her cart and grabbed a shiny small black carved “thingy”. I swooned over this mystery item and quickly apologized for just snatching it from her loot but I couldn’t help myself. I loved this thing and I didn’t even know what it was yet. Lol. Turns out it was a very old celluloid double daguerreotype frame from the early 1900’s.  I wanted it so bad, but I would never ever tell someone “hey gimme that I want it”…but Miss Katie must have seen the stars in my eyes when I looked at it because she graciously handed it over to me and told me to take it…from one shiny nut lover to another – like it was no big thang!

I was so excited I darn near hugged her. I felt a little guilty about my behavior as I walked away with it clutched in my hand…but I sure love that she was selfless enough to give it up to a fellow squirrel. It will be loved and treasured for a very long time!

2015-03-07 07.07.46

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