Today’s Score…

Just when I think I’ve hit a wall; financially, emotionally or all of the above…something throws itself in front of me to distract me, make me happy, remind me of how much I’m blessed or annoy me more. Hopefully not the latter. Lol. For the past week, I have been faithfully scooting in to the store a little bit early each day to so I can get more stuff done. Cleaning, tagging, photographing, working on the blog, posting posting posting. Today however I decided that was a ridiculous idea and I would not sit idly by and watch anyone walk past my store with an awesome thrift store find…there’s a large store just a few doors down the street and lots of people are there everyday at opening to grab some loot for cheap! I never wanted to be one of “those” people that lurk at the front door of a business waiting for the lock to turn so I could rush in and frantically grab stuff that I want…however, things change and circumstances sometimes put us in that never say never mode.

So I hiked down the street ( half a block) with the attitude that I would probably only find a couple little chachkies and then go back to open the store without having put too much of a dent in my pocketbook. After all, I am trying to save money for a beautiful big lighted & locking wall case (or 3) to put all my lovelies in. After staring blankly into the void inside for a few minutes everyone came to attention to greet their new best friend, the lady with the keys! As a few other ladies stepped in ahead of me I had already decided that I would look at the furniture section first today. It seems that I am always just missing the coolest pieces by a few seconds or minutes cause my favoritest place in the store is the jewelry, or maybe the housewares…shoot I love it all. Why can’t I be in three places at once?!? So as we came thru the door leading to the furniture area, just the two of us…I saw it.

My Preciousssssss

It was tall, it was oak, it was glass, it had doors and I it was small enough that I wouldn’t need any help getting to my store…but someone else had their hand on the tag. My inner voice yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOO, that should be mine, I’m poor, I need that and I can afford it cause it was only $19.99!!!!! I know this lady, she works at the other antique store across the street from me…she also buys and sells stuff…I heard her pause and say something under her breath and then it happened – – – – she passed on it. Walked away. I stopped dead in my tracks and grabbed the ticket off the glass before I could even inspect it to make sure I really wanted it. I’m pretty sure I almost ran her over trying to get around her to whisk it off the case. Heck it could have been missing every shelf and had broken glass all the way around and I still would have been excited. I knew I wanted it and it should be my precioussssss. muhahahahaha. The little voice in my head starting squealing with delight as one of the employees came over to tell me how it was a very expensive custom made piece worth about $1000 (not sure about that) but um yah, it was dropped off by the guy that made it.

Handmade Oak Display Case

Handmade Oak Display Case

I felt like the winner of a grand prize, there were people walking by commenting on how lucky I was, how gorgeous it was, and oh my what a great price. I white fisted the tag all the way inside the store hoping that no one else would try to buy it out from under me…that was my precious and I didn’t care if I had to “walk” it all the way down the street I was taking it with me today! After quickly perusing the rest of the store for any little things I “needed” to buy I paid for my big score and sighed some relief. The staff at the Ramona Food & Clothes Closet are outstanding…I was fortunate enough to have the help of one of the guys in the back. He put it up on a 4 wheel dolly and took it down the block for me inside my store. Now I could be the envy of someone else watching as I toted my super duper special purchase in front of their store! Oh and the bonus? It matches my two existing oak display cases PERFECT.

To you, it may not look that grand. It may not look like such a fantabulous treasure. It may look ordinary and eh, it’s ok…but to me its a priceless gem that I NEEDED thrown in front of me right at that very moment. Woohoo me! Next stop….fill er up!


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