Since I am a treasure hunting fiend, it only makes sense that I would beg to stop at every hole in the wall junk store that we passed by from California to the east coast. And after day 5 of flying by Goodwills, antique stores and roadside flea markets I finally got my chance. As

Trucker Trail – New Roads

So as most of my friends and family know by now, I closed my antique store and hit the road with my honey. We decided a couple months back that we needed to make some changes. We decided to take his trucking business coast to coast transporting goods. What does that mean? Well it means

Shiny Squirrel Nuts

One thing about being a thrifter – picker is that there are many of us. In fact nearly every trip I make to the local thrift store I’m bound to spot one or two of “us”. Even if I peg someone as just a “regular” shopper I look at the contents of their cart to

Epic Estate Sale or Epic Fail? Part #1

A few days ago I spied a post on FaceBook about an “EPIC Estate Sale in Valley Center – Entire Western Town! Must See!”. Apparently some gentleman built this entire “town” on his property and it would be the sale of a lifetime with over 30yrs of antiques and collectibles. I clicked on the link and

Web Wacky

I have been incredibly blessed to have the skills and knowledge to be web savvy…and over the years I have used those skills to build fantastical websites, blogs, online portfolios, etc … for other people. So the downside of all those mad skillz is…decisions decisions decisions. I can never settle on “just the right one” for

Rainy Day

Welcome to my all new web-blog. For years I’ve tried to combine and document my website, selling platforms and bloggy chitter chatter…and after all this time I think I finally got it together! Yay me. And yay you, cause know you can get more behind the scenes insight into my crazy life as a thrifter