Day 11 – Keep Calm

keep-calm-cause-i-m-detoxingI got nothing for you today. Nothing clever, funny or artsy fartsy. I’m so busy at my shop that I haven’t had much time to plot out my next blog post. I guess that’s a great problem to have eh? I’m also a little hungry cause I skipped my protein smoothie this morning…but I have extra tea. Yay me. Seriously though, the hunger pangs are few and far between.

The crisis healing did not hit me the same way it has hit other people. Of course I still have 10 days to go so anything is possible…and we know how much I love to jinx myself! I have def had some serious retrospect but not an all out meltdown. breakdown or temper tantrum of any kind. Lucky you. I have been feeling very zen, calm and relaxed.

I’m now 10lbs down and counting…I feel great and I’m still looking forward to having some food to chew on again but plan to extend the detox supplements into my normal daily routine for upkeep. I also ordered some fun kitchen tools to make food more healthy and interesting! Can’t wait…

Day 10 – It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin

2015-04-16 11.00.28I have been feeling so much better on the inside but the outside needed a little buffing out too. I have tried to be really diligent about using all natural or organic products on my body. Your skin is your biggest organ…what you put ON it you put IN it.

I have been using Younique naturally based skincare and makeup line for quite some time now and it’s amazing! I am also using only natural and mostly organic bath soap, hair soap, hand soap, body butter, face scrub, laundry soap, deodorant and makeup. There’s a long list of things I still need to change but those will have to come gradually.

One of my biggest challenges however is my hair…I have so much gray that I need to touch up my roots every couple of weeks. I haven’t been to the salon in quite some time so I had nearly 3 inches of regrowth, ie LOTS of gray. Yuck.

While I was out looking for some other skincare and bath products I found a product that I could use to color my hair “naturally”. This Naturtint was at the local health food store and it was on sale (bonus) for $10. I applied it as directed, sat for 30mins and viola! Love the color, love the feel and I can see my hair actually looks healthy again. Win win!

Day 9 – dónde está el baño

frequenturinationI took yesterday off and enjoyed a quiet morning sitting on the porch, sipping hot tea and relaxing. Got a little grocery shopping done and even put in a few minutes of treasure hunting. I must say that I feel fantastic but I hate being a slave to the bathroom.

Every time I leave the house I have a plan…I need to know exactly where I’m going and know there’s a bathroom close by. Pee pee runs are still about every 15-30mins and I literally go before I leave the house and am doing the pee pee dance by the time I arrive at my destination, any destination, even if its only 5mins away! Lol. I am so thankful that I’m not up and down all night though…for the most part.

Because my body has been purging so diligently I have def felt a loss. But the good kind. My clothes fit better, my head is clearer, overall I just feel fabulous. I was so thrilled to see the scale when I got up yesterday, it was just under 135! What?!?!? I was at 145 when I started this adventure just 10 days ago! Holy cow. So exciting. I can hardly wait to see the scale at day 21!!!! Excuse me. I’ll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom…………


Day 8 – Feeling Good

2015-04-12 08.29.01Nothing major to report to today other than I’ve been a little hangry the last couple of days. My fellow detoxers seem to have been experiencing the same thing at about the same time into the program so at least I know I am not alone!

I’ve tried quite a few of the juices and decided that this Pineapple Refresher was a little too rich and acidic for me but it sure did taste good! I am not that fond of rich carrot juice either, bleh. My favs have been mostly the greenies with kale, cucumber, celery, cilantro, bulb of fennel, lemon and ginger with the occasional apple. Yummo. And I love beet juice…who’da thun it?!?

I am still craving some foods and still longing to be able to chew on something, but that day will come. My gift to myself right now is to take a break. When I come back to the “real” world of food I intent to replace my morning coffee and red bull permanently with hot tea, fresh live juices or protein smoothies. That alone will take me in a whole new direction! And now that I have some new found energy I can start working out and get back to thin AND fit! I can hardly wait.

Week 1 – Weigh In

Scale-losing-WeightI’ve been watching the scale every day and hoping that the numbers will keep going down, that it will reveal the fact that I’ve been depriving myself of all snackerdoodles that I so love, the crunchies, the munchies and the caffeine. Today is officially the end of week 1! I made it with no cheating…and I feel a little better because of it. I understand the real work is just beginning with the crisis healing, probably have to start dealing with these fleeting emotional pangs now. Lord help me!

Weight: 137lbs (original 145lbs)

Waist: 34 1/2″ (previous 35″)

Hips: 39″ (previous 40″)

Thighs: 23″ – same

As you can see there are some small changes since my original weigh in. I am not surprised or disappointed in my progress because I actually feel pretty good. I’m proud of the fact that I made it thru a week of totally going out of my comfort zone and focusing on a healthy body…at all costs. Thanks for your support!

Day 7 – Hangry

2014 custom pillows - hangry pillow word pillow definition pillow-f33703Oh my gawd…I am so glad yesterday is done. One of the hungriest days I’ve had since I started this journey. It was even worse than my fried chicken episode a few days ago! I was so ravenous all day, so I drank lots and lots and lots of water. Drank all of my green packs, my berry packs, my fresh green juice and the rest of my kombucha from the day before…I doubled my water intake. I just couldn’t get enough to satisfy the hunger. And I made a rookie move, I didn’t bring any extra green packs or berry packs with me.

The other half invited me to meet up with him after work so I stopped at our friends house on the way home. I knew beforehand this might be a little tough because they often have yummy food out for everyone when we visit…but when I walked in and smelled the crockpot simmering with bbq pulled pork, I almost passed out. If that wasn’t enough, there was also fresh baked fish straight out of the oven, steaming up the place with delightful seasonings. There were several kinds of chips and bruschetta bread on the counter…ugh. I love bread, I love chips. I love it all. I just drank more water to try and squelch the hunger pangs, but nothing helped. I decided to leave when I felt like crying. Was I really gonna cry because I was a little hungry or was I gonna cry because I wanted to not be hungry? Because perhaps when I was younger we went without a LOT of things and food was often one of those things. Maybe just too much perspective. Maybe just too damn hungry…

So I went home and heated up my soup. I tried to take it in slowly and savor it, but my stomach howled and growled and grumbled for more. And because of all the water I drank earlier I hit a wall and couldn’t consume anything else for awhile…even tho my belly was telling me to feed it. It took me almost two hours to get thru all of my soup, and I was still hungry. When it was all said and done, it was too late to drink anything else to kill the hunger. I didn’t want to be up all night pee’ing so I toughed it out…then, the hum dinger ringer on the whole night…bae made a grilled cheese sammich. I heard every little crunch crackle and delish cheeezy bite he took…I felt like an angry spider monkey, ready to pounce on his food. I was so friggin hangry I wanted to squeal, in fact I think I did. And then I decided to just throw in the towel and go to bed.

Day 6 – Spring Cleaning

9781476727448_500X500I feel good. I mean like clean, less heavy, my spirit even feels a little lighter. Although I realize my body and mind are not completely “healed” in the matter of 5 or 6 days, but I can honestly say that I feel SO much better than I did a week ago. A lot of people and friends that I’ve talked to about this detox program have exclaimed I’m crazy for doing this to myself for 21 days! I’m not doing anything that is that crazy other than giving up ALLLL of my favorite foods and caffeine.

This is not a starvation diet or “just juice” cleanse. I don’t sip lemon water all day. I consume lots of nutrients, antioxidants and fresh vegetables with some fruits and protein as needed. This detox nourishes your body on a cellular level. Instead of eating on a emotional or habitual timetable you feed your body all day.

You should take a look at the book this program is based on –> “1 Pound A Day“. I have learned a LOT about why I feel like crap all the time, emotionally and physically. Simple things that you do or don’t do to, with and for your body can have such catastrophic consequences, its alarming.

I figured if I need a vacation emotionally, maybe my body needs a vacation physiologically. I have been dealt a lot of stress over time and I’ve not taken the best care of this vessel for the last couple years…this is my time to do what I feel will really help me. And if weight loss is one of the biggest side effects, I’ll take it!

Day 5 – How Dry I Am

c440d376cab90950c8bc362f4b6773bcMy fantastic friend Michelle came by my shop yesterday and gave me a 20min chair massage. A much needed gift to myself since I was all knotted up in the back. For absolutely no reason, other than the detox, I was a mess of gnarly ropey tight muscles in the back.

So talking to my friend I soon discovered that all of these fluids I have been taking in are not really considered part of my water intake. Um exsqueeeeze me?!? All that “water” I been drinking all day long isn’t enough to flush this stuff out? Crap. Apparently, when you put stuff in your water (green pack, berry pack, probiotics, etc.) it is no longer just water, the body needs to filter it and it doesn’t work the same as plain clear water.

Looks like I will be doubling, maybe tripling my clear water intake…hopefully. I already feel like I might explode sometimes and my poor bladder is on a pretty tight schedule as it is. About every 20 mins, 35 if I hold it.

Day 5 – The Voices

Lying-SlutWhat day is it? Where am I? Who am I? I literally looked in the mirror this morning and felt hopeless for a second. I gained a little instead of losing since yesterdays weigh in (no I’m not a freak about my weight), but I feel gross. My hair is gray (just found some naturally based hair color at the natural food store). Out of my fantastic Younique mascara so hardly any makeup on today. Body hurts. Head hurts…

Physically I feel like crap. Emotionally I feel a little like crap. I feel like crap all around. Just enough to annoy me. It comes in spurts. Flashes of depression, anxiety, anger…and then poof I wanna cry but don’t. Then I feel fine again. Nothing lingers long enough for me to even process it. Pretty much how I feel a lot of days but way more intense…lol. More of the crisis healing I guess, or hormones…or both. I wont let it ruin my day. I refuse to let the “voices” tell me anything other than I am awesome.

Yesterday I was so focused on getting more water for my drinks that I completely spaced out getting juice greens and stuff for today, so by the time I got home and realized this, I was kind of bummed. I really look forward to that part of my day now. I love my fresh greenies everyday. Lucky for me our fearless leader Shanti gave us some good advice, have a backup plan…don’t set yourself up for failure. So I had that tucked away in my brain. I had already checked out the local natural food store for juices in case this very thing should happen. Lucky for me they did have one brand that was recommended.

Had my usual this morning and finished off a little protein smoothie that was leftover from yesterday. I’m going to try a pre-made Suja green juice today and a raspberry chia kombucha for lunch. I was told the chia seeds are really good for moving matter thru the body and they help hydrate you so its not a cheat…it’s a treat. =)

Day 4 – Progress

why-detox-blog-imageWait, what day is it?!? Oh yah, it’s Friday…just not my Friday. Haha. I woke up this morning feeling pretty well rested. I opted out of the aloe pills again last night so no surprises this morning! I did get up with a sore throat, nothing major though. I also noticed a stiff spot in my back that has since radiated up to my left shoulder and neck area. Boo. I called in my good friend Michelle for a nice chair massage this afternoon! I can hardly wait. I have been jumping on my trampoline every afternoon for a few minutes at a time to help release the goo from my lymph nodes, don’t know if its helping but it can’t hurt. It was suggested in “the book” so I’ve been doing it. I also gave myself another really good loofah scrub down last night before bed…gotta flake off all that dead skin and allow the toxic buildup to escape! I was a little itchy this morning but it didn’t last very long.

I started my day with the usual warm water and lemon and cup of hot tea. Made my juice for the day – the Liver Cleanser – yummo. Beets, cucumbers and lemon. Today I also decided to reward myself with a protein berry smoothie. So glad I did this because I felt I might be needing a little extra sustenance today. I also passed on the probiotic supplement that I added to my morning regimen simply because I realized there were plenty of these AND enzymes in the berry powder and the protein I took in today. I didn’t know they were already in there. That’s one less thing I have to worry about.

I have felt a little yucky off and on all morning but nothing that has me down. I just know the crap is trying to leave my body and I might need to drink more water in between my juices and nutrient packs. I weighed in at 137 this morning, another lb gone! It’s still hard to see ahead and imagine that I could lose more. Just doing what I’m doing has been pretty satisfying and not too difficult in the grand scheme of things. Let’s hope the meltdowns everyone else has told me about aren’t too bad for me…those should be coming any day now. Or maybe not at all! Wouldn’t that be great. I’ll keep ya posted!

If you or someone you know is seriously interested in doing this detox program with me and others, it’s not too late to get started. Just contact Shanti at California Homemades and ask her about joining. You can do 1 week, 2 weeks or the full 21 days!