Day 11 – Keep Calm

I got nothing for you today. Nothing clever, funny or artsy fartsy. I’m so busy at my shop that I haven’t had much time to plot out my next blog post. I guess that’s a great problem to have eh? I’m also a little hungry cause I skipped my protein smoothie this morning…but I have

Day 9 – dónde está el baño

I took yesterday off and enjoyed a quiet morning sitting on the porch, sipping hot tea and relaxing. Got a little grocery shopping done and even put in a few minutes of treasure hunting. I must say that I feel fantastic but I hate being a slave to the bathroom. Every time I leave the

Day 8 – Feeling Good

Nothing major to report to today other than I’ve been a little hangry the last couple of days. My fellow detoxers seem to have been experiencing the same thing at about the same time into the program so at least I know I am not alone! I’ve tried quite a few of the juices and decided

Week 1 – Weigh In

I’ve been watching the scale every day and hoping that the numbers will keep going down, that it will reveal the fact that I’ve been depriving myself of all snackerdoodles that I so love, the crunchies, the munchies and the caffeine. Today is officially the end of week 1! I made it with no cheating…and I

Day 7 – Hangry

Oh my gawd…I am so glad yesterday is done. One of the hungriest days I’ve had since I started this journey. It was even worse than my fried chicken episode a few days ago! I was so ravenous all day, so I drank lots and lots and lots of water. Drank all of my green packs,

Day 6 – Spring Cleaning

I feel good. I mean like clean, less heavy, my spirit even feels a little lighter. Although I realize my body and mind are not completely “healed” in the matter of 5 or 6 days, but I can honestly say that I feel SO much better than I did a week ago. A lot of

Day 5 – How Dry I Am

My fantastic friend Michelle came by my shop yesterday and gave me a 20min chair massage. A much needed gift to myself since I was all knotted up in the back. For absolutely no reason, other than the detox, I was a mess of gnarly ropey tight muscles in the back. So talking to my

Day 5 – The Voices

What day is it? Where am I? Who am I? I literally looked in the mirror this morning and felt hopeless for a second. I gained a little instead of losing since yesterdays weigh in (no I’m not a freak about my weight), but I feel gross. My hair is gray (just found some naturally

Day 4 – Progress

Wait, what day is it?!? Oh yah, it’s Friday…just not my Friday. Haha. I woke up this morning feeling pretty well rested. I opted out of the aloe pills again last night so no surprises this morning! I did get up with a sore throat, nothing major though. I also noticed a stiff spot in