Day 21 – Its Not The End

3wks of NO SOLID FOOD!

OMG, I made it! Wooootwooot! I am so excited that I stuck to this. I am so excited that I can fit in my size 2’s again! I am just feeling motivated, energetic, clear and happy. I’ve been pretty zen since I came to terms with a few things during this process. Not to be confused with numb, just accepting and “over” it. Giving up whatever does not serve me well; feelings, food and circumstances. I feel lighter. literally. I was hoping to lose a few more lbs but as I continue my detox into the next 8days as I transition to solid food again I’m certain a few more will get plucked off. I can’t just jump right back on the free feed band wagon…I’m certain it would turn into a scarf and barf and who wants that?!? yuck.┬áSo for the next week I will slowly introduce my body to a variety of healthy raw foods, and then meat. So excited, it will be like Christmas everyday! I bet a salad will never have tasted sooooo good!


So here are the before and afters and all the deets…btw, I personally feel I have a few more weeks to go before I see the results I really want, but that will come with exercise and more good nutrition! I lost 15lbs total! I lost 2″ off my hips and 2″ waist and 2″ off my thighs!

20150428_120722 2015-04-28 11.56.48

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